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Rabbi Levy's Corner

Shalom My Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Beth Hadassah Synagogue Website. Our goal at Beth Hadassah is to provide our members and community at large with a safe spiritual haven from the noisy world around us. Recently a young man came over to me and said: “Rabbi I believe in religion – I just don’t believe in organized religion”. To which I responded by saying: “that is wonderful you will love our synagogue because it is completely unorganized!”

Besides the broad range of services we at Beth Hadassah strive to provide our members and community we are basically a warm and welcoming environment that is non-judgmental and inclusive. We are a place that provides an ideal and serene environment for prayer and worship where that which is noblest within ourselves reaches out toward that which is highest in the universe – Hashem. It is that safe space that enables us to pause and listen to the core values of our faith that might be silenced by the culture around us.

Beth Hadassah has an illustrious history and heritage and that is why it has become the community’s choice as a place of assembly for its leaders and for the many organizations in our midst. It is the recognized address of the Sephardic Community of the North Shore.

Throughout our history the synagogue has been the institution that best preserves our unique identity and most effectively transmits the teachings of our Neviim, Prophets, Chanamim, Sages and our teachers. I would argue that it is the synagogue that has been the most potent force for Jewish continuity throughout our many wanderings in the Diaspora. No other institution in our culture has nourished the Jewish soul to survive and no other Jewish venue has provided the beauty and joy of living as a Jew.

Through the Kenissa we celebrate life’s great milestones and the Kenissa embraces us when life presents her challenging moments. All of life’s experiences are clothed in warm hallowed words and religious rituals while sharing these exalted moments with a community of caring members.

As Rabbi of this illustrious congregation I am always looking for new ways to articulate our peoples most treasured memories, most fervent beliefs and most cherished hopes. Through the study of Torah, Jewish law and Jewish thought we seek to provide a sense of guidance, solace and inspiration. It is the Kenissa that nurtures our faith in the coming of Mashiach when the world will be at peace and there will be justice for all people.

My hope and prayer is that those who make our Kenissa their second home will be draped with the highest dignity, will achieve a sense of life’s ultimate meaning and will feel like they are a part of a greater purpose.

I make myself available to all our members and friends. Join me and be a part of the mighty company of Jews throughout the ages who took God’s command:

“Let them build for Me a sanctuary so that I may dwell among them”

most seriously!

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