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Message from Mr. Saeed Amirian - President

Dear Friends and Fellow Members of Beth Hadassah/Iranian Jewish Center,

It is an honor, as your president, to be able to serve our congregation to which I have been connected with for the past 26 years. Our middle of the road Sephardic tradition has served our community well and is respected and admired by all. While our congregation serves the needs of our community in its present format, our true focus should be to strengthen and preserve the legacy of our Sephardic tradition. This requires the active participation of our youth to whom we must pass the torch. With the guidance of Rabbi Yemen Levy and the support of our congregation we will accomplish this important mission. In order to succeed in this endeavor, our patience, foresight and a bit of sacrifice are essential.

"Hashem can perform miracles. Together, we can achieve impossible."

Saeed Amirian

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